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Dear Friends,

As we approach the end of another impactful year in our journey toward eradicating blood cancers, I’m compelled to share with you the profound significance of year-end giving and the impact your generous contributions make on our mission.  

Your support has been the cornerstone of our ability to fund pioneering blood cancer research grants and provide crucial assistance to individuals battling leukemia, myeloma, and other blood-related cancers.  

Through your generosity, we’ve been able to drive significant strides in scientific breakthroughs, facilitating innovative studies, and fostering the development of life-saving treatments. Your support has empowered us to extend a lifeline to countless individuals, ensuring they receive the critical care and support needed throughout their challenging journey. 

As a small but mighty cancer research charity, we pride ourselves on the personal connections we make with our patients.  They share the most intimate details of their journeys.  They are referred to us by much larger organizations such as the Leukemia Lymphoma Society and the American Cancer Society. 

Our research grant recipients depend on our funding to support early-stage research and data collection to propel their efforts further.   

I urge you to consider the incredible difference your year-end contribution can make. Your support propels us forward, fueling our determination to continue the fight against leukemia, myeloma, and other blood-related cancers.  

Our researchers need you.  Our patients need you.   

With warmest regards,

Tara Coleman
Executive Director