Funding blood cancer research,
Supporting families.

Our Mission

Children’s Leukemia Research Association was founded in 1965. The mission is to fund blood cancer research, find the causes and cures for leukemia and other blood-related disorders, and help families with blood cancer-related expenses for children and adults.

No one financially plans for cancer. As a result, the medical bills pile up. Families go from two incomes to one and their medical bills increase. They have a child who needs full-time care. A spouse needs to stop working while in treatment. For many families, cancer means financial stress.
At Children’s Leukemia Research Association, we are a small and mighty resource for families in need of assistance during this difficult time.

Our work is funded by donations from generous contributors who believe in helping blood cancer patients and funding research to end leukemia, lymphoma, and other blood-related disorders. Your support is needed and appreciated.

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Who We Help

Since the early 2000s, the Children’s Leukemia Research Association has been helping blood cancer patients of all ages with medical bills including prescription copays and treatment-related expenses. Patients and their families don’t financially plan for the medical expenses of cancer.

$200,000 – $800,000 is the cost of blood cancer in the first three years of treatment.

We don’t want anyone to worry about how their medical bills will be paid.

  • 85 patients in 25 states were supported in the 2020/2021 fiscal year.
  • 102 patients in 26 states were supported in 2020 at the height of the pandemic.
  • 120 patients in 26 states were supported in 2022 with a record total of reimbursement over $240,000. 

With your support, we are helping patients and getting closer to improved treatments and cures.
Researchers are making great progress in the treatment of blood cancer. The lives of blood cancer patients are being extended and lives are being saved. Sadly, not every patient goes into remission.

Researchers are being funded by the Children’s Leukemia Research Association. They are studying tumors and using human genome sequencing to study the causes of blood cancer. There is great optimism that an improved understanding of the human genetic code will lead to better treatments and cures.

Learn more on Research Grant Program.

We are proud to be part of this revolutionary scientific research.

We know there are cures on the horizon.

With your support, we are getting closer every day.

We’re able to help more patients with their medical bills.

We are able to support the research that is changing lives.

And we cannot do this without you.

Steps to Apply

Since 2001, the CLRA Patient Aid Program has provided $1.3 million in co-pay reimbursement assistance to 525 patients with blood cancer and related diseases. We’ve been able to do this through the generous contributions of our Donors. To apply, visit our Patient Aid page.

How the Program Works

For more than 55 years, the Children’s Leukemia Research Association has been on the leading edge of blood cancer research. To date, we have supported more than 550 researchers with more than $5,000,000 of grant money to support the most promising blood cancer research that is not duplicated elsewhere. To apply, visit our Research page.

Our Stories Illustrate the Impact

Research grant recipient, Dr. Zakrzewski an Associate Member of the Center for Discovery and Innovation and a Pediatric Stem Cell Transplant Attending Physician at Hackensack University Medical Center was interviewed recently. Dr. Zakrzewski said, “CLRA has really helped us to speed things up in 2022.” Watch the complete interview.

 -Dr. Zakrzewski, Research Grant Recipient

“Last year, at 80 years of age, I was diagnosed with Mantle Cell Lymphoma. The news was devastating to myself and my family.

The medical bills were overwhelming me. The stress of the cancer fight is enough and having to deal with financial worries on top of it all was a lot to deal with.

My daughter found CLRA. I was so happy when she informed me that I had help with my bills. I can’t thank you enough for your help in my fight against MCL. I just received news this week that I am in remission!”

 -Andy C., MCL patient


“Children’s Leukemia Research Association has been very helpful with the financial burden of MDS.  They have provided financial help for co-pays related to my MDS.  They have also promptly responded to messages I have left.  I’m thankful for the support.”

 Fran, MDS Patient

“My CML diagnosis was stunning to me and my family.  I had to stop working permanently. The financial strain was overwhelming.  I had exhausted my savings on co-payments for treatment. 

My oncology team worked with Ms. Tara and I was successfully enrolled in the program. It means the world to me that Children’s Leukemia Research Association was able to assist me and my family in a critical time of need.  I can’t thank you enough for your support.”

 Carlton, CML Patient


“My child Mason was diagnosed with leukemia. A lot of times people don’t realize the cost of childhood cancer. My wife had to stop working so we are on one income. Some of the treatments are not covered by insurance. We weren’t ready emotionally or financially. It’s good to have the support of the Children’s Leukemia Research Association. They are a much-needed resource. We are grateful for what they have done for our family.”

 Arthur, father of a child diagnosed with Leukemia

There are many options available but when a patient with leukemia relapses, as 20-30% do, there aren’t a lot of therapies available. We need to do better. With the grant from the Children’s Leukemia Research Association, our lab was able to research and identify a novel targeted therapy for leukemia. Our lab is able to model the human anatomy so that we can study leukemia-related tumors.”

Daniel Herranz, Assistant Professor at Rutgers Cancer Institute
is focused on finding novel therapies for blood cancers.


“The Children’s Leukemia Research Association is always there for the patients. They help us get past their bills. I never thought I would be in this situation and I am grateful every day. I am not a number. The team at CLRA is supportive and kind. They always answer the phone and email to check on me. They are appreciated more than they know.”

Angie is a mother, a Multiple Myeloma patient, and a recipient of CLRA funds to help cover medical expenses.

“In 2022, CLRA received a generous donation from G.P. a Palisades, NY school teacher in honor of her 12-year-old student, R.I., who lost his battle against Leukemia. There are no words to express our deepest sympathy and compassion to R.I.’s family, friends, fellow students, and Ms. G.P. who referred to him as a shining star in all their lives. These are stories we do not want to hear, but still, happen. We cannot thank R’s teacher and all constituents of Children’s Leukemia Research in helping us fight this insidious disease through funding scientific research grants and patient financial assistance.”


About Us

When you call CLRA, you talk to staff or volunteers who can readily connect you to resources. It is because we talk to patients that we know the cost of cancer. Medical bills pile up fast as a patient is diagnosed and treated. Insurance may deny coverage for certain procedures or only cover a minimal amount.

Cancer support organizations that are larger than CLRA base financial qualification on a poverty level formula. This means families that can cover everyday expenses often do not have the money to cover the huge added expense of cancer. These are the patients we can help.

We are proud to receive Guidestar’s Platinum Transparency designation.